Bob Marley Concerts


 Bob Marley & The Wailers

City: Zurich (Switzerland)
Venue: Hallenstadion
Date: May 30th 1980

101 Zimbabwe
102 Natty Dread
103 I Shot The Sheriff
104 No Woman No Cry
105 Talkin' Blues
106 We And Them
107 Lively Up Yourself
108 Jammin'
109 Exodus
110 Redemption Song
111 War/No More Trouble
112 Kinky Reggae
113 Get Up Stand Up

" Yea, all I ever had was songs of Freedom, Good Gosh"

Incomplete Soundboard Recording

Probably missing Natural Mystic, Positive Vibration, and Revolution from the beginning of the set.  Bob's new LP Uprising is  released June 10th 1980 so this crowd is hearing  two new songs Redemption Song and We and Dem  that are a few weeks from being released.   Best quality live version of We and Dem.   This is the first show on the 1980 Uprising Tour.  The keyboards are really up front in the mix on this show. 

Here is a great article on what was taking place in Zurich on May 30th 1980 called "The revolution that set Zurich streets ablaze"