Bob Marley Concerts


After playing at smaller cozy venues previously in Toronto, 1979 was totally different.  The Wailers were now one of the world’s biggest live attractions, and despite the suspicion that may still have existed among the more conservative elements of Toronto society, their concert had to be at Maple Leaf Gardens. They returned to the Gardens on November 1 of 1979, this time in support of the Survival album — and no one, perhaps least of all Marley, had any inkling that this would be his last visit to Toronto.


Bob Marley @ Maple leaf Garden 1 Nov 1979_ was my first concert i went to 
on my way to the concert with my bother i  end up buying a tickets off a  couple who did not want to attended the Marley concert in Toronto so i got a floor tickets and when my bother bought  his ticket from the box off at the garden he got a seal up on the upper level to my surprise we got separated  so i gave my older brother my camera and he took the photo and i record the concert with my tape recorder. My camera which i got in  dec 1978  this was our first  time using it to  take concert photo it ended up the flash was too week for the camera  so few of the photo my brother took came out dark he might have  taken only 11 photo buy only 3 look ok..so i send the better on... Marley @  the gardens in Toronto was amazing...i was 17  year old in 1979 and I've love collecting i manage to save the photo & ticket stub  in 1993 when my son was born during his creeping days he got my ticket stub and put it in his mouth and made a mess of it  but i manage to put it back together i almost lost it then... Ive seen in one of your Marley photo from Toronto 1979_ it seem different from my photo due to the 1979 photo at Toronto Marley was wearing  a black or brown leather pants but in the fan photo on your site it seem different .....Dave Brown _ reggae dancehall collector  (fr Mississauga Ontario Canada)_ Big Thanks to Dave for sharing his memories, photo and ticket stub.
Dave Brown is a  reggae collector  from Canada
 who have been collecting sound tape since 1980

Above photo copyright Nick and Simon White. Many Thanks