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Native American Rastas - Why the Supai Worship Bob Marley

The Native Americans of a remote part of the Grand Canyon called Havasupai believe Bob Marley is a prophet and god.  I recently read how the Supai have prophecies  that show that the great resistance fighter Crazy Horse would return in the form of a black man.  Many believe Bob Marley to be the fulfillment of that prophesy.  Bob Marley's music and messages are important parts of the daily lives of the Supai.  Their struggle against oppression and their connection to the land and great spirit make a strong connection to Bob Marley and Rastafari.   A great example of the love they have for Bob Marley and his songs is this story from  the book "Understanding The Connections between Black and Aboriginal Peoples.

"Bob Marley has been a very inspirational figure to the Havasuapi, to the young people to the little people to the older people. I walked into a room once where there was an eighty year old listening to Bob Marley singing and she was in tears.
The music was Redemption Song. I said, "What's the matter?" and she said, "I like the words here. It reminds me of the prayers of the old people -the way they used to pray. It reaches down into the soul -the spiritual soul -way down in there." I said to her "I'm glad you are crying because I feel the same way every time I hear it."

Today I share this great article by reggae historian Roger Steffens who took a trip to Havasupai in 1991 to meet the people in person. 

Article taken from High Times Feb. 1993 by Roger Steffens