The Reggae Concert Historical Audio Archive


The Reggae Concert Historical Audio Archive

The purpose is the historical preservation and documentation of  reggae's live recordings. This collection consists of over 1,000 unique recordings in various formats.  Countless amounts of reggae artists concerts have been captured throughout history by way of the soundboard, a FM broadcast, or by audience archivists.  These recordings are in danger of being lost due to aging and deteriorating of the recording format.  They are also in danger of being a completely forgot part of reggae history. It is very important to back up and save these recordings and preserve this important piece of Reggae's history. With this site, the goal is to share these recording with the public and have the reggae community celebrate the preservation of these rare live historical reggae concerts.

Shows are sorted by Decade or Artist.

Many more shows to add, check back often for updates.

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Featured show

Culture - Club West Eureka, CA 2/5/1998 Soundboard

Culture - Peel Sessions 12-11-1982

Jacob Miller - Reggae Sunsplash, Jamaica 1978

Dub Syndicate - 1998-04-01 Soundboard

The Twinkle Brothers - Live in Warsaw