Bob Marley Concerts

The Original Wailers

The Peel Session Japanese Broadcast 1973

02-Rasta Man Chant
03-Slave Driver
04-Stop That Train
05-No More Trouble
06-400 Years
07-Stir It Up
08-Concrete Jungle
09-Get Up Stand Up
10-Kinky Reggae

Download tracks below.  Also included are upgraded versions of Rastaman Chant, Slave Driver, Stir It Up, and Concrete Jungle from a different source.

01-Intro.flac 01-Intro.flac
Size : 3.163 Kb
Type : flac
02-Rastaman Chant.flac 02-Rastaman Chant.flac
Size : 8.892 Kb
Type : flac
03-Slave Driver.flac 03-Slave Driver.flac
Size : 11.65 Kb
Type : flac
04-Stop That Train.flac 04-Stop That Train.flac
Size : 14.196 Kb
Type : flac
05-No More Trouble.flac 05-No More Trouble.flac
Size : 16.459 Kb
Type : flac
06-400 years.flac 06-400 years.flac
Size : 14.941 Kb
Type : flac
07-Stir It Up.flac 07-Stir It Up.flac
Size : 20.817 Kb
Type : flac
08-Concrete Jungle.flac 08-Concrete Jungle.flac
Size : 23.274 Kb
Type : flac
09-Get Up Stand Up.flac 09-Get Up Stand Up.flac
Size : 15.574 Kb
Type : flac
10-Kinky Reggae.flac 10-Kinky Reggae.flac
Size : 16.992 Kb
Type : flac