Bob Marley Concerts

Bob Marley and the Wailers

The Matrix, San Francisco, CA Oct. 1973

On October 19th and 20th, 29th and 30th, the Wailers played at The Matrix Club, a small club on Fillmore Street in the Marina District in

San Francisco, CA.

Recordings from these shows came to archivists in two forms.  One that lists 2 different set lists labeled the 29th, and 30th.  The other source

has both those sets as one show.

Band lineup

    * Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar
    * Peter Tosh, vocals, lead guitar
    * Joe Higgs, vocals, percussion
    * Aston Barrett, bass
    * Carlton Barrett, drums
    * Earl 'Wya' Lindo, keyboards

October 29, 1973

1 Rastaman Chant [5:19]
2 Duppy Conqueror [5:00]
3 Lively Up Yourself [7:43]
4 You Can't Blame The Youth [4:30]
5 No More Trouble [5:21]
6 Kinky Reggae [6:47]
7 Get Up Stand Up [5:13]

October, 30 1973

1 Instrumental and introductions [3:17]
2 Bend Down Low [6:50]
3 Put It On [5:47]
4 Burnin' And Lootin' [8:26]
5 Stop That Train [4:10]
6 Small Axe [5:01]
7 Kinky Reggae [6:44]
8 Stir It Up// [4:43

Listen Below

October 19-20, 1973  The Wailers, David Rea with Slewfoot, Stuart Little Band, Steve Head

These shows are far and away the most famous in the history of the latterday Matrix. The Wailers--this was before they were Bob Marley and The Wailers--were apparently stranded in Las Vegas after a gig was canceled. At the time, the group, feauring Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny  Wailer, had just released their classic album Catch A Fire on Island Records. Matrix booker Scott Piering took a chance and booked them, in place of The Sons Of Champlin. The band sold out both nights, to the surprise of everyone. Of course, the band completely rocked the joint, and were invited to do a live broadcast on KSAN from Sausalito's Record Plant a few days later. The Matrix show was apparently one of the first indications that Marley, The Wailers and Reggae Music were going to make it big in the United States.

October 29-30, 1973  The Wailers
The Wailers returned on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and broadcast on  KSAN the next day (Oct 31)..