Bob Marley Concerts

1962-1972 Concert List

1962 - Queen's Theatre Kingston, Jamaica
1963 - Montego Bay, Jamaica
1963 - Capri Theater, May Pen, Jamaica
1964 - Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
1964 - Palace Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
1964 - Majestic Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
1965 - Ward Theater (Battle Of The Groups Contest), Kingston, Jamaica
1965 - The Glass Bucket, Kingston, Jamaica
1967 - Living room rehearsals
1969 - Psychedelic Shop, Jamaica
1970 - Sombrero Night Club, Kingston, Jamaica
1970 - Negril, Jamaica
1970 - Skateland, Kingston, Jamaica
1970 - The Glass Bucket at Crossroads
1970 - The Silver Slipper (Forest Roads)
1970 - The Prime Time
1970 - VIP Club
1971 - Brooklyn, New York City, USA
1971 - New York, New York City, USA
October 1971 - CBS Studios in London
1972 - Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
1972 - Catch A Fire / Burnin Session
1972 - 1st Island Session


January 7: Brooklyn, at President Choutouk club 71-84th Street

(Glen Adams related a fascinating story about this show at the President Choutouk club, which holds about 500 people. During Soul Rebel, Bob asked Glen to join him onstage and play keyboards. In the middle of the song, the police stopped the concert for some unknown reason, possibly because there were some Rude boys, who were looking for trouble)

January 8: at Manhattan Centre (NY)

January (date from 9 to 24 january): concerts in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

"On january 30 1972 the Daily Gleaner tells the story of those american concerts with a little inteview with Bob Marley:
Jamaica's most popular staging group, Bob Marley and the Wailers, recently returned from a tour of New York area. The Wailers, who left here in December, opened their show at the Concourse Plaza Hotel in Bronx before an audience estimated at well over 3,000 on New Year's Eve night.
Also appearing on the show was Jamaica's leading male vocalist, John Holt. They were backed up by the Debonaires Band. After their performance in Bronx, which was the biggest, they went on to Brooklyn, appearing at the President Chateau on January 7, and was at Manhattan Centre the following night. Leader Bob Marley informed that one of the shows scheduled at Brooklyn was stopped by the police, no reason was given.
Three bands which they performed with the Debonaires, Syd Joe and his Caribbean All Stars and Cinnomon Suns, were up to a good standard Bob Marley said. Although not as good as some of the bands in Jamaica. "

January 30 at National Arena for PNP campaign

March-May 17: gigs in England with Johnny Nash and the Sons of Jungle (minus Peter and Bunny)

May 23: at Jamaica House for Labour Day supporting PNP

May 27: at Annual Awards Ball (Jamaica) to receive an award as best vocal group

Tour in England with Johnny Nash

Spring-summer: show at Wembley Stadium (according to bassist Phil Chen Jackie Edwards, Jimmy Cliff and Count Prince Miller also played on the show; Bob opened for Nash)

Spring-summer: shows at Mr Bees and at Alexandra Palace (according to CBS officer Paul Merry)

Spring-summer: shows in Bexhill and Bexleyheath (Wailers as backing band; set list: ringo, small axe, duppy conqueror, put it on, rude boy, nice time, bend down low, keep on moving, stir it up, reggae on broadway, one love, love and affection)

Spring-summer: show at Bag of Nails, Soho

Spring-summer: show at Peckham Manor school (reggae on braodway was performed)

Spring-summer: show at The Dome, Brighton

June 3 at California Ballroom - Whipsnade Road in Dunstable (Wailers as backing band)

June 25, at Shades in Northampton (with Sons of Jungle as backing band)

June 26: opening for Johnny Nash in a London club (may be the Speakseasy)

July 22: Wembley, Alperton High School (with Johnny Nash) a local newspaper covered the date

July 22: Grand Midnight Dance at Commonwealth Social Club in Croydon (Wailers as backing band + members of Cimarons+ Johnny Nash)

August 27: at Telegraph - Brixton

America late '72

September 20/26: at Apollo Theatre (New York) for "A Night in the Caribbean" with the Might Sparrow, Roy Shirley and many more (may be a canceled date)

Jamaica late '72

October 7: concert for the Student Union supporting PNP

Thanks to Bobmarleymagazine.com for that added info.

Information provided with the help of Swiss Wailer (Wiki), The Wailers Supersite, and etree database.